New Links – June 20

The latest in college sports business news from around the web:

University of Houston selects architects for new stadiums

Have you heard of the design firms PageSoutherlandPage and DLR Group? Well, they have just both been selected to help construct University of Houston’s new football stadium. Read more about the costs, the dimensions, and the estimated time frame for the project.

Injured student athletes lose bid to revive NCAA suit

What would you do if you were an injured NCAA athlete who lost his or her scholarship due to injury? Two former college football players sued the NCAA when this happened to them back in 2010 claiming that “they were wrongly denied scholarships that would have covered the cost of their bachelor’s degrees despite their injuries.” How did the case turn out? Were these arguments valid?

National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security Partners with eVerifile to Improve Security at College Sports Facilities, Entertainment Venues

Did you know that Homeland Security ranks stadium attacks in the top 12 most devastating acts of terrorism? It is obvious precautions must be taken to help protect and secure players and spectators alike at sports facilities and venues around the country. Read more about the pilot security program several big name schools are participating in.

College football: OSU brass spells out pact terms

Urban Meyer is the new coach at Ohio State. Yet, his team is currently under a year one suspension from bowl games due to a NCAA rules violation. Does his new contract do anything to help reduce the possibility of this happening again? What are the compensation terms of this multi-year contract?

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  1. superdestroyer

    What would Houston want to spend it does not have on a new stadium when the college football playoff will kill off the Big East Conference and leave Houston with zero fan base and zero interest.

    INtead of building a stadium, Houston should lead the way and terminate its athletic department. There is little fan interest in Houston and if Houston ends its athletic programs the students will just move back to cheering for UT or AM that they followed in high school.

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