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  1. Dr. Richard Ceronie


    Found your information tonight. As someone who researches college sports financing I truly enjoyed and appreciated your information. I only wish that the general public could see the data that you have presented so as to understand that collegiate sports are big business for the special few, while a huge drain for the smaller non-BCS programs. Keep up the great work.

  2. Great post Kristi. LSU is also one of the schools that turned a profit. We gave back around $8M to the University last year.

    Craig Pintens
    Assistant Athletic Director/Marketing

  3. Kristi,

    A small correction that I just noticed:

    The Big Ten TV deal with ABC/ESPN runs through June of 2017, not 2016. The deal was for 10 years and started in August 2007.

  4. peter johnson

    She needed you to correct her typo, get lost idiot………..

    • You’re the idiot. The guy was just helping out. There’s nothing wrong in correcting a typo. I’m sure Kristi wants to get things are precise as possible and doesn’t mind the heads up.

  5. Kristi,

    In your opinion what is the best grad school for someone who is looking to get connected into the business of college sports?

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  7. Much has been made of travel costs with the “FSU to the Big12 talk”. WVU has reported their expenses to increase 1 million while FSU is expecting their increase to be 2-2.5 million. I see you as an authority here. Could you clear this up for me.

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