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If you use material from in a course you teach, please email me and let me know what course you teach and what content you use. This will help me develop support materials that you will be able to download for free here!

  1. I teach a Sports and History course at the high school level in NJ. I plan on referencing your site as a cornerstone of the debate on whether or not we should pay college athletes. Thanks for doing all the hard work.

  2. I haven’t used the site yet in my course, but I definitely like the basketball attendance / revenue data in the recent posts. I teach a Ticket Sales & Strategies course (elective) at the Master’s Degree level and this is great that you did the work to pull this together. Most data that gets compiled is a few years old and that you guys are doing the most current data available definitely helps.

  3. Just found you. I teach undergraduate and grad course in Sport Industry Management. Much of the focus in on leadership (issues, etc) and sport marketing. College info and data is huge for us. In fact, one section of the course this summer will focus on college sports, specifically. Data Visibility, taking the data and working into easy to understand charts, graphs and info graphics is really important.

  4. I used your article as a source for my research paper on the debate between paying or not paying college athletes while they are attending college. Thank you so much for all of the information you have provided for me, this article stood out and really helped me to understand the issues.

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